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The Morrigan

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Writer's Block: Goodness gracious [22 May 2010|08:05pm]
Have you even had a moment, an hour, or a day that renewed your faith in the fundamental goodness of humankind?

This is just a small example, but, I often see a missing gloves placed nicely in the area where it is found in hopes that the owner may return for it. It's just one of those nice little things people do around here in Bergen and it always puts a smile on my face when i see it. It's a small reminder to me that people can do good and care about things outside of themself. That gesture may not mean much to the rest of the world, but to the owner it's a huge deal to find your favourite glove waiting for you nicely at a bus stop bench as you retrace your steps trying to find it :)
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[09 Mar 2010|08:45am]
Feeling better this week so far!
Lost another 1.5 pounds, I've needed to move to the next belt loop too!
This week my movitavtion is to get under the 150s so I'm trying to get my head in a better place than last week. I'm feeling mostly better from my cold, except for my throat a tiny bit, and my voice being gone.
Thinking ahead a lot about my trip home, I'm not home sick, just trying to get all the plans in action. Especially with the PEI minitrip.
I think we're going to fly, and I think we're going to rent a car. My Mom is making my Dad help us (because he's so fucking cheap sometimes and this is important). I am basically paying for most of this myself because Ronny's economy is so fucked up. So this is going to be an extra $1500 on our trip. My Mom is already paying for more than half of our flights. So, now with their help for the rent-a-car, probably another $200. So, that will help SO MUCH.
This little trip is going to be really awesome, and so important, but right now, with all the time and expenses it's going to consume, it just makes it frustrating.

I so need to win the lottery. My lust for travel, not just home, but all the places in the world I'd love to see, is so hard to accomodate with lack of money and time :( So unfair!!!!!!!!
It'd be so amazing to be able to go home maybe 3 times a year and stay for a month. Go see my Nanny that often too maybe for a couple of weeks. Then explore the rest of the world. The cities I'd love to completely absorb, kinda like how we did our our Rome trip, as well as taking relaxing interesting trips to different places. Renting a little cottage on the coast of Ireland, staying in a little hut somewhere tropical like Bora bora. a desert camping/riding trip in the Grand Canyon, road trip across Canada and the US, Eygpt, Jordan, Tuscany, Bavaria...I could go on and on and on.
Woe is me.
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[07 Mar 2010|09:54am]
Man! I'm so excited about my trip home. I know it's still very far away, actually 111 days today!
I think this time, I'm going to try to get a lot of the obigations and shopping out of the way early.
I was talking to my Mom about going back to Grove City, but it's just going to take up a lot of time we don't really have which is kinda disappointing because it's so much easier to take back a shitload of awesome stuff that way without getting hit with duty.
But, instead, she said we could take several trips over the border shopping. So that works!
I have to find all my stores in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area!
Charlotte Russe
Sally Beauty

It's unfortunate, I want to get a really good North Face Parka http://www.thenorthface.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?partNumber=AAJG&variationId=001&storeId=207&langId=-1&catalogId=10001&cm_vc=CrossSells and Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots http://www.sorel.com/Joan-Of-Arctic+-+-010-+-5/803298467216,default,pd.html
This winter has been so brutal and I really want to just invest in some really good snow/ice boots, and a really warm waterproof coat. So, yeah, too bad it's going to be the middle of summer! But I'm probably coming back for christmas so I guess I can wait until then, I won't be really needing these things soon here anyway... I just hate when I finally decide what I want, and I can't find them anywhere here/WAY too expensive here and I'm determined to have and I have to wait :P

Anyways, HOME!! FUN FUN FUN!
Here's a little list so far of some of the things I want to do:

- Spa Day with my Mom for her bday. Plus I want to treat myself :D
- Jamie/Me/Ronny hangouts in NOTL, maybe go back to Fort George or something fun. I just love Niagara on the Lake. Maybe a wine tasting as well.
- Hotel night with Ronny somewhere, maybe Niagara Falls again
- Wine pier night with Lindsay ;D
- Darien Lake?
- Camping?
- Hiking!
- African Lion Safari?
- Rollerblading at Stoney Creek beachfront and Bayfront park :D
- BBQs!!!!!
- Patio/Wine nights!
- Restaurants, The KEG!!!!!!!
- SHOPPING SHOPPING SHOPPING SHOPPING (Honestly the shopping isn't always that much fun, it can be a hassle and waste my time but, it's so worth it afterwards!)

Yeah, I can't think of that many other things that I really want to do right now. Of course I want to leave time for a lot of free time.
I'm just excited. It'll be so nice to be back at home with Ronny again. I haven't been home for the summer in awhile, so it'll be good :D
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[28 Feb 2010|10:10am]
I've been doing quite a bit better as of late. I think my winter depression is subsiding quite a bit. I've started leaving the house and meeting friends occasionally again.

Yesterday I met up with Monika in town and we had a coffee-walk-hang-out. Ah I love those! I got a couple of practical things I needed, new boot spikes for all the ice, new headphones for my skyping (though my Dad said the sound wasn't that good :( BOO! they were cheap, so I guess I have to wait and buy a more expensive pair later), what else did I get? hmmmm I got Ronny some of his special tea from a cute little home decor shop, I got my prescriptions I needed (birth control, and I got a new psoriasis ointment YAY har har how interesting...).
We wandered the city centre with our coffees and window shopped. Oh! We also stopped at the Body Shop and I found out that my favourite lotion, Brazil Nut Whip has been discontinued here! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Seriously, this is devastating news! I LOVE that cream. I use it like a million times a day, it smells like chocolate/coffee/toffee/nuts, amazing, it's light but it feels amazing on and it really actually works for my hands to get through the winter without feeling like I'm wearing vaseline. This is so crap! I know this sounds lame, it's just a cream, but seriously, it's one of my little addictions that makes me feel pretty throughout the day. ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!
Other than that, it was a nice outting.

Today, Ronny and I plan to hike up Løvstakken (we live at the base of it) and we also plan on going into town for a coffee walk because it's so nice :) Hope we'll do it all because I need to get through this annoying plateau I'm stuck at.

So, as I was saying before, I'm feeling a lot better. I'm also trying to make more of an effort in my appearance all the time. I am horrible when I'm in a rut to not give a shit about how I look when I'm at work. It's so easy and I don't see anyone important etc. Little to no makeup, cozy baggy sweaters (in winter it is nice and cozy). But yeah, it's not good for me. So, I've started to try to make an effort to do my hair and makeup, and also dress a little bit more like myself at work. The only problem with that is that I realize I don't have that many clothes! I really can't afford anything at this time. I'm trying to save up a shit load for my holiday in the summer (approx $4000) so I'm really stretching it. But, I do plan on a little shopping spree when I get to my goal weight, so it'll come...

Some other cool things going on with me is that my job has actually moved into more of a career. My boss is moving me into a full-time position in August, I'm getting two raises, one next month due to my 4 years of child experience, and also I get another raise in May. She also wants me to, after I finish my Norwegian schooling, go back to night school to get a certificate for working with children which will move my pay up so much that I will be making quite a good income.
So, I've tried to start to change my mindset about my job. Thinking of all the crappy jobs I could have instead. I have a M-F job, great vacation, all holidays free, a really great pension, I work in an absolutely beautiful surrounding, get to go on hikes with the kids twice or more a week, I have a good setup for myself if I ever want to have a child, and I work with (most of the time, cool people) and I have a job that will never be effected by things such as recession. So, I really can't complain about all this. I was given an extremely good opportunity as a foreigner and I make more money than a lot of norwegians. So yeah, I'm trying to think about how fortunate I am to have the job I have.

So yeah, that's what's been going on with me lately :)
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[23 Sep 2009|07:54am]
This was Monday, and everytime I'd start writing, I'd stop and didn't feel like it. This is a saved draft:

What a piece of crap start of a day I had today...
I was having a good morning at home, and was all ready to bike to work again for this week because I'm broke and saving money when you're broke is good.
I'm about halfway to work on my bike, and about to head up the mountain when out of nowhere some fucking idiot dick decides to pass me, on my right, right at the same time when I had to make a right hand turn to head up the mountain, a sharp right. And SLAM! I fucking slammed right into this guy because he appeared out of nowhere, no warning, and it was raining, so I had my rain coat on with my hood up so I had no peripheral vision.

Here's continued from today:

Yeah, so that was fun. And embarrassing because a whole bus shelter witnessed the whole thing especially when I screamed "FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK" (swearing in english draws some attention) as I was going down and it was a really pathetic scream.

Anyways, yeah so that sucked.
I was a bit sore all up my right side from my knee to my shoulder, hip, back everywhere but pretty much okay.
I didn't work out on Monday because my knee hurt all day. But it was better by evening and fine yesterday.

I've also been feeling a cold coming on. So I've been trying all these home remedies to try to prevent it and I think it worked!
I've been taking echinacea, swallowing 10 whole peppercorns, and putting thinly sliced garlic under my tongue (PAINFUL, it burns horribly) but I think that above all worked the best! These last two were remedies friends told me about.

Enough of that...

I'm on a tight time schedule, I should have wrote this 20 mins ago

I'm doing light therapy earlier this year as a preventative measure against my seasonal depression. It's been so dark and gloomy here for a long time now, about a month and a half, that it can be triggered earlier due to Bergen's doom and gloom ;)
So yeah, that's easy and going fine. I just put the bright light beside the monitor while I internet.

Now there are 29 days until CANANANANANANANANANANANADA!!!!!

I bought a bus card so I don't have to deal with biking anymore for awhile. My knees were getting kinda bad with all the heavy biking up the mountain. Only nice biking for now for fun if I feel like it. The coolest thing is that it expires the day before I travel, well that was meant to be!

I'm super busy with lots of things coming up. Aterra practices starting up soon and probably studio work soon too.

Oct. 3rd I have a shopping date planned with Ronny's Mom.
Oct. 4th we have to go to his uncles for a little coffee/cake thing for Ronny's cousin Cathrine who had her confirmation. ( really it's just a right of passage here )
Oct. 10th I'm having my very first Thanksgiving dinner! I'm SO excited!! It's only with Ronny's Mom, so if I really fuck up, though I don't think I will, I've done a turkey before, we can just order pizza and drink lots of red wine. She might stay over night too because we're going to drink a lot of red wine by the fire hahaha! Fun! I'm also going to decorate like a madwoman and get lots of leaves, pinecones, pumpkins if i can find them here (not always easy) and other fall nature stuff so that's exciting too!
Oct 16/17th Ronny is away overnight for a work retreat. And my friend Natalia's fiance is away for the weekend (he plays in the real Gorogoroth) and my friend Monika is coming maybe to Bergen for the weekend too! So it's going to be fun!

Then, after all that stuff, I leave on Thursday the 22nd for my trip!!!!

Hmmm I think that's all for now, gotta shower!

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Autumn! [06 Sep 2009|05:30pm]
Okay, it's a bit early, but autumn is just around the corner and I want to make a fun list to get excited about it!

So, here are some thing that I will either be doing, want to do, or will get me excited about fall! :

-fireplace fires
-leaves changing, falling
-cozy evening walks
-candles candles candles!
-cozy sweaters and blankies
-red wine
-apples and baked goods

My Goals for myself this fall!

- Must take a really nice leaf picture, tree nature picture and get it blown up and hang it
-Decorate the flat early for LALAWEEEEEEEEEN!
-buy at least 3 or 4 pumpkins
-go on lots of walks in the evening :D
-try to buy a couple of cozy lamps
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[25 Aug 2009|07:59am]
Whoa! One day to HOLE IN THE FUCKING SKY!!! I can't believe it's here!!!!! Yippie!!!
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Rome part 2 [23 Jul 2009|09:52am]
Tuesday 14th, temperature 34 degrees

Typical morning start. Got up, breakfast buffet, ate too much, drank good coffee and then came back to the room, relaxed, watched some CNN or BBC new (it was the only 2 channels in english) and got ready to head to the city.

We went to the city centre around 12, no problems to report with the shuttle this time.
Our plan was to visit Santa Maria della Vittoria but it was closed between 12 and 3:30
So we decided to visit Trevi Fountain and get some lunch so we could go back to the church when it re-opened.

We saw the Triton Fountain by Bernini in Piazza Barberini. It was so cool because no one was really even there, I was quite surprised! So we actually were able to enjoy that one a little bit more than others.

After walking a bit, we stopped and got some lunch. Mostly to get out of the heat.
We went to a ristorante. Big mistake. EXPENSIVE! But it was good. There was only one table of all italian men in there (felt like a scene from a mafia movie). The other really annoying thing about this place was that because it wasn't so busy at 2 in the afternoon, the wait staff (also all older italian men) were just standing there, pretty much watching us the whole time. Yeah that's relaxing. So that moment in Rome was definitely not one of my top moments.

Thankfully we stopped when we did for that expensive lunch because if we had went to Trevi Fountain earlier, we wouldn't have been so lucky to see the cutter!!!!!! Yess! :/

Trevi Fountain. FUCKING HELL. Insane. Definitely one of my favourite places in Rome. It's really unreal. It's amazing because as you're walking through the little side streets to get there, you suddently turn a corner and it's there right in front of you!
It's also cool because you can hear the water a little bit before you arrive and you know you're getting close. Fun!

We were at Trevi Fountain for about 10 minutes. Just relaxing and making our way through the crowds and taking nice romantic pictures in a nice safe spot, perhaps free from pick pocketers, when out of nowhere, this man gets in the fountain! And I was like "wtf man?! Is that allowed?!?!?!" Then this guy just climbs up into the fountain! "Huh!?"

So everyone is watching him, and he has this plastic bag with him, and he starts pulling things out of the bag, a towel, other things, and puts them all in a little pile away from the water. Then! He begins cutting up his stomach with a razor!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH! It was so fucked up! No one could believe what they were seeing!
He continues to cut himself on the stomach some more, his arms, thighs, and neck. He was quite casual about it too. No jebus poses or anything. No faces or anything really to acknowledge he was doing anything actually. After he felt like he'd cut himself enough he sits down and has a smoke!
At this point it's been like 10 minutes, and no one (the police) is doing anything. There were police there the whole time, but I think they were waiting for backup, and a negociator.

Eventually about 10 police (undercover, a negociator etc) come and section off the main ground level area and make all the people move to the next level.
The negociator is pleading with this guy to come down, so the guy goes back and gets all his things, and climbs down. Everyone claps and it's all over as fast as it started.

What a weird memory. I've never really seen someone do something like that before. It really left an impression. Not really in a bad disturbed way, I'm not all freaked out about. Just strange. Not to mention, what are the odds of visiting Rome, going to Trevi Fountain when we did, and coincidently this asshole decides he's going to do that.

I asked some people at the metal bar we went that night if that happens often and they said, "NO NO!!! It was on the news! It might happen like once or twice a year!"


After we left Trevi Fountain, we went to Santa Maria della Vittoria. About a 30 minute walk.

We walk into the church, it was quite ornate (like they all are) and we walked through very slowly and quietly because it is a church and people are there praying. Waiting for you there in the front corner is this amazing statue.
This whole experience there was quite peaceful (and i don't mean it in a churchy spiritual way)
It just so quite, there's not that many tourists there and it's kinda dark and musty smelling. It just really pulls all your senses in. It was awesome.
I'm not going to go into to much detail about the sculpture, not because it's personal for me or anything, but it's nice being able to go in with your own mindset on the whole thing without being influenced from others especially if you do plan on seeing it at one point in your life ;)
After this we went back to the hotel and rested awhile (the heat really wore us out)
Around 9:30 (I think) we took the shuttle to the city centre and then we took a cab the rest of the way to get to this metal bar I found online called the Full Moon Club.
It was a bit of way from the metro or to walk plus we didn't know the area so we decided it was worth the extra money to just take a cab.
We were the first ones there. It was a weird but cool club. It's private so we had to ring a doorbell and we also got membership cards. Now we're lifetime members of the Full Moon Club. Wow...
We got our jumbo 1 L beers and relaxed a bit. People started coming in about a half hour or so after we arrived. We met some pretty nice people! Everyone was pretty black metal at this place, so they thought it was pretty cool that we were from Bergen. Ja ja...
We met this really cute couple. I can't remember their names, really hard italian names to remember. The girl could speak really good norwegian. She'd been studying it for a long time apparently and she'd been to Bergen too.
Nothing too exciting happened that night, but when we told people we were going to take a cab back to our hotel that couple offered to drive us all the way to our hotel! Saving us like 50 Euro! WOW! We had no idea it was going to be that expensive. So that was good!

Wednesday 15th 36 degrees again...

We got up at a decent hour (in time to catch the breakfast buffet before it closed at 10:30) pretty good considering we were drinking litres of beer at a time!

This day, we preplanned to be lazy in case we got really hungover. So, we just relaxed in the room and watched the news and sat on the balcony...

Around 3 we went into the city. We went to the Cappuccini Crypt. This was pretty cool. Not like a haunted tv show style crypt, it's not super super deep into the ground or anything, just a level below a church and it wasn't very big, but it was completely decorated in human bones! Search it! You can see pictures online, because you're not allowed to take pictures so I don't have any.

After the crypt, we took the metro to Piazza del Popolo. I was really dissapointed because we didn't spend a lot of time here at this point of the day because we thought we'd be coming back to have dinner in this area and to take more pictures, but this didn't happen. I have since learned my lesson: when you're there, get the pictures, see all that you want to see then, don't wait until you come back because your plans can change. That's my own travel advice when you visit an historical/big city.

We began our walk through the Borghese Gardens from Piazza del Popolo. Fuck. What a long annoying walk that was. To get to the Borghese Gallery, you have to walk through this Garden, or on normal occasions one should want to do so.
We, however, were exhausted (my legs were so weak from all the walking, and the heat), worn out from the drinking, and the heat and poor Ronny had to pee :(
We endured and walked about 40 minutes I think, it felt like hours, and finally got to the Borghese Gallery.

This used to be, for a time, a place Bernini actually lived. It was one of his cardinal buddy's mansion.
This gallery holds a lot of his art. Even some pieces he did when he was small.
And most importantly, The Rape of Proserpina. Fucking hell. What an awesome sculpture. It's funny but I love this sculpture so much for such a stupid simple reaso, his work here; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Rapeofproserpinadetail.JPG
Amazing, sensual, awesome. And it's 400 years old! I love that he could get away with work like this back then.
I got to see some other pretty major works here. Caravaggios, other Bernini paintings like his self portraits, but I was so satisfied seeing The Rape of Proserpina (I somehow forgot it was at this Gallery, thinking it was in Florence or something), that all the others didn't strike me like this one did.
*At this gallery, they take your bag. You're not allowed to have anything with you basically: phones, cameras, water bottles... Therefore, I have no pictures here sadly.

After the Borghese Gallery, I think I had mild heat stroke or just intense dehydration. We were wandering through the gardens trying to get back to Piazza del Popolo but I was so fucked up at this point (we were trying to eventually find a restaurant/trattoria). We somehow found this underground walkway that lead to the metro station!!!!!!!
This felt like devine intervention in my state of mind! I didn't even know Rome had these! There were shops and it was cool and no sun! I basically ran into a supermarket and bought some chocolate and sprite (they had no cold powerade). I downed that, and the chocolate and felt better almost instantly! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

We hopped on the metro because decided to change our plans (see what i mean about my advice?) and try to find a cheaper restaurant near where the hotel shuttle bus picks us up.

This is where we find, Rosso Vivo!!!!!!!!!!! See it was all for a reason!


This place is everything we want in an Italian restaurant!! Small, quite, casual, great atmosphere, great menu, great menu prices, and AMAZING FOOD! And it's family run, by a mom, and her two super sweet daughters. What better than to help out a Roman family of WOMEN, not men, by dropping almost $500 by the end of the week in their restaurant! (I'm not trying to be all girl-power here, but it was rare to see anything that wasn't controlled by a man here).

All I have to say is 4 words; Pasta alla quattro formaggio / Four Cheese Pasta.

I shouldn't have tried anything else the rest of the trip because everything I ordered wasn't as good as that. Next time (I hope I go back to Rome one day) I will eat this every day. haha.

Okay, now I'm seriously getting sick of writing about my trip, but it's so hard to write without putting in the details! Maybe it's boring to read, but I'll try to finish up and git 'er done!

Thursday 16th 36 degrees.

Today we didn't do much at all. Just the typical buffet get ready stuff. But we decided to just stay out of the heat today, especially considering what happened to me the day before. And I also was so fucking sick of wearing sunscreen and feeling all slimey.

We didn't go out until around 5. We visited the Pantheon, WOW. Piazza Navona and saw the Fountain of the Four Rivers. Another WOW. Then we walked back to Trevi Fountain because I wanted to see it one more time.

One other thing that sucked about being so far out of the city was that we couldn't just go out at night and see some of these things at nighttime or else we'd have to take a really expensive cab ride back to the hotel. So that was kinda sad.

After seeing all that stuff we went to our restaurant, it was yum, even though I didn't get the 4 cheese pasta.

Friday 17th, 36 degrees

Started our day the usual way. Around 11:30 we took the shuttle to the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. This was spectacular but it's almost too much to see and to take in. This would have been perfect for someone like an art teacher because this place has to have over 5000 art pieces to see. It was way too much for me to appreciate everything in detail after like 3 fucking hours of hot and sweat and annoying tourists. I did of course see some amazing things, but the whole time you're walking through this place you're seeing signs leading you to the Sistine Chapel, which is actually hours and hours away as you shuffle along looking at everything.

So finally we make it into the Sistine Chapel. Again another WOW. Though again, hot, tired, sweaty, tourists and guards constantly saying "QUIET PLEASE" and "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" (because it's "suppose" to be a holy place, though I only think of $€$€$€$ the whole time i'm at the Vatican)

After the Vat. we go to Castel Sant'Angelo. And this time, poor Ronny is as fucked up as I was the day before with exhaustion and dehydration. But it was quite cool there! And it also has an amazing view of Rome from the top!

Finally, it's dinner time! ;) HA! I do care about seeing Rome, but I also love food :P And Ronny makes it to the restaurant alive! Another amazing dinner, great wine, great time with Ronny, yay Rome!

Saturday 18th, THIRTY DEGREES!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! Someone likes us! It's our last day in Rome.

Today we visit St. Peter's Square and Basilica. All free! (there are other attractions that are free like the Pantheon which I was surprised about...) We do pay the extra €4 to go up the Cupola, and it's well worth it! Even though it was super creepy to walk up.

The view is amazing and we get great pictures.

Afterwards, you are led right into St. Peter's Basilica when you get back down. That is awesome because you do have to wait in line to get in even though it's free. So that was pleasant getting back down from there and not having to get into another line.

St. Peter's Basilica was also amazing. I can't believe they were able to build something so incredible so long ago. It actually took 125 years to build. It's also apparently built about the tomb of St. Peter (as in the bible Peter) Hmmmm ... And St. Peter is considered to be the first pope of the catholic church. Just some catholic facts.
As amazing as it all is, the whole time, I'm not thinking Hhly thoughts (but I'm not religious anyways) I'm thinking, man the church is rich. Which in my opinion is the exact opposite of what they should be. So really it's all a big contradiction of itself.
I won't get too deep into that debate but I did have to mention it, having been there and all.

We finished up at St. Peter's pretty early! Around 2 pm! So we headed back to the hotel and had some beers and relaxed on our balcony. It was awesome and well deserved. It was nice to not have to cram in a lot on the last day. A week was actually just enough time to see most of what we wanted to see without running around the city like idiots trying to get everything in on time.

We went out for dinner early this night, because we wanted to come back to the hotel with some hours left to drink on our balcony one last time. We had a lot of wine and beer left over.

So, we went to our restaurant, again, another awesome meal, and awesome time. We said our goodbyes and thank yous to the family. (I never got any of their names because none of them spoke almost any english at all!)

We got back to the hotel, drank, packed, listened to nice music, and finally passed out.

Sunday 19th - Going home.

Got up super early, had a small breakfast at the buffet, checked out, took the shuttle to the train station, had to wait about a half hour for a train, got the train to the airport, had some confusion but made it with some time to spare after checking in and security.
Flew to Amsterdam, we were almost late for our Bergen flight, had to run like Home Alone through the airport, made it in time for boarding, met up with Infernus/Roger (Gorgoroth) also taking the Bergen flight, flew to Bergen, and got home safe and sound!

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Roma Recap [22 Jul 2009|11:35am]
I guess I will begin at the very beginning...

We had to catch the airport bus Sunday morning at 4 AM. UGH.
On saturday, I managed to pack everything and get to bed around midnight. Ronny however, is a bit more of a night owl and couldn't sleep. He thought he may manage to catch an hour or two, but he wasn't tired enough. So, he didn't sleep at all before the bus.

Caught the bus at 4 Am blah blah blah. Got to the Bergen airport which was a mini nightmare. KLM has this new system that sucks. Two lines, side by side, no signs and you have no idea if you're waiting in the correct one (the self-check-in which you must do first) or the second line, baggage check.
So of course we were in the wrong line for like 10 minutes, and I was super bitchy and being really cranky with the stupid KLM man they had there who was apparently "helping".
Anyways, we checked in eventually and everything was fine and dandy.

Skip ahead, land in Amsterdam and have like 5 hours to kill. EW.

Ronny and I both know that airport quite well now, so we went up to this general restaurant lounge where they now have Sbarro Pizza! Ah! I haven't had that in like 15 years or something, so not sure if it was the same as it is in the states or not, but it was good. 8 AM fresh pizza is GOOD.
We sat in that lounge forever, got some cappuccinos, made fun of a lot of people in norwegian (it's our code language ;)

When it was getting closer to boarding time, we went to the duty free shop and bought a box of chilean wine for good ol'fashion hotel drinking!
We also met a cute old man from South Africa who was on his way to Bergen! And he was so excited about it.

Blah blah, flew to Rome. The landing was pretty damned cool. Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino airport is right on the Italian coast and it was the prettiest landing I've had yet in my flying experience.

Got our bags okay and fine, then we had to find the train station (which is right in the airport). This also went smooth enough, but when we went to buy tickets, the train we were suppose to take went on strike that day. ACK!!!
The man was really nice in the booth, spoke decent english (better than most), and told us to come back in 10 minutes because there may be a train making a special stop (due to the strike) at the station we needed. Came back like he said, and he was right! PHEW!

We got this other train. This started out good and fine, but holy shit. It grew to chaos!
Because we didn't know when we needed to get off, we decided to stay by the doors, with our luggage. It was about a half hour ride, and it seemed like more and more people were only getting on, and not off. It was like a fucking mosh pit at those doors. Full of scary drunk italians coming home from a football match! AAAHHHHHH!
So okay, we endured all that, but how the hell are we going to get off this train, with our suitcases!? I was having a mini panic attack, (I get shortness of breath when I'm under stress) so it felt like I was having an minor asthma attack. (I don't look like a freak or anything it's just a strain to get a full breath of air).
Somehow, we managed to push ourselves off that train without causing a riot or pushing over 4 foot tall 99 year old Nonna who wouldn't move at all!

We get off at Trastevere station, which is where our hotel shuttle bus will be picking us up.
There's a Spar shop (a grocery store that we also have here in Norway, Ronny's mom works at a Spar) so that was cool. We bought some minor things, bread, cheese, beer, drinks for the next day, etc. Then we found our shuttle, on time and lots of space! YAY!

We got to our hotel which was awesome! Checked in, and got to our room, 155.
Our room was really nice. We had a king sized bed, a nice bathroom, a balcony with a nice relaxing view perhaps even a convent in the distance because we kept seeing nuns walking around.

Since we were so tired, somehow Ronny wasn't a complete nut by then, up for about 38 hours, we just stayed in and drank red wine and listened to this awesome double album I found called Spanish Guitar with various artists. Perfect.

Monday July 13th / temp. 33 degrees (according to CNN, so that can't be trusted ha ha hah)

-woke up around 8 AM and went for the breakfast buffet. Insane! They had so much to choose from. The croissants were awesome. As was the coffee.

After breakfast, we went to the city. We barely got on the shuttle (this was a free service the hotel offered because the hotel was located a bit too far from the centre or the metro, but it ended up becoming a bit of a hassle and I would recommend staying closer to the centre if you can afford to) but a man helped us out, so I was able to sit on Ronny's lap.
Made it to the metro station without flying out the side of the shuttle door I was forced to use as support.

We bought the Roma Pass (a pass that gives 2 free attraction admissions, and a 3 day metro/bus ticket for €23 CHEAP!) and took the Cipro to Spagna metro on the Red line (Rome has two main metro lines (red and blue) that are like a cross through outside the centre of Rome, it's a really good system and very very easy to navigate).

We saw first the Spanish Steps. Then we walked down Via del Corso. Anything high fashion has a store here complete with guards.

After about a half hour walk down another main street we came across the Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II. This was insane!
None of my pictures express what it's truly like to be there.

NOTE: As awesome as this whole trip was, there are a few annoyances about Rome. It's kinda dirty. Dumpsters are everywhere and they smell. It was fucking hot (though I knew it would be at this time of year but it's not as humid as it is in Ontario when it gets really bad), and you're constantly worried you're either going to get pick pocketed, my hand was actually sore by the end of the first few days from holding my purse carefully, or haggled, people are selling anything and everything everywhere you go. Lighters, tripods, cellphones, sunglasses, knockoffs, poo...
Aside from all this, it was still awesome and worth it, but it also explains why I don't have better pictures of certain amazing things.

So yeah, where was I...

The grave of the unknown soldier.

Then we walked to the Roman Forum. Which is right in front of the Colosseum. You can see it in the background of my pictures.
We didn't end up going into the Forum because everything you wanted to see you could see from the street. Sure it would have been cool to stand at ground level with all that amazing history, but again, we were so hot, and sunscreen slimey, and the Colosseum was coming up!

So yeah, went to the Colosseum. That was insane. I can't elaborate because it won't give it justice.

After the Colosseum we went to a trattoria. There are two kinds of restaurants in Rome. Ristorante and trattoria. Too me there is no difference between them other than price. A big difference. Our first restaurant was a trattoria and we spent €38 for 2 pasta plates, wine, bread, water. (NOTHING is free in italy - bread, water etc...) the next day, we went to a ristorante and spent €60 for the exact same meal (2 pasta plates, 1 house wine, bread, water) LAME.

Good food. View of the Colosseum, can't beat that for a first meal in Rome, but it was no Vivo Rosso (you'll hear a ton about that restaurant later!)

After eating, we decided to go back to the hotel. Took the metro to Cipro station where the shuttle comes. We again, barely got on the shuttle, but when in Rome, do as the Romans do (I had to use that fucking phrase once) and when in Rome, you butt in line. So yes, we butted in front of a ton of polite europeans :(
But, seriously, in Italy, lines aren't so structured. The Italians taking the shuttle always made it on and the scandinavians, dutch, english were always waiting until the next one...I can sorta look italian, if you don't look at my irish skin har har (so, "it's not her fault, she's italian" ;)

Got back to the hotel and drank more red wine and ate chocolate wafers!!!!!!! I haven't had good wafers in ages!!!!! ( I bought them on one of our trips to the supermercati, a supermarket)

I'm going to have to stop for now, must clean the apartment and eat, I of course I got too detailed and will finish the rest in another entry...
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Shopping Round 1 [30 Jun 2009|12:13am]
I hadn't been shopping for a loooooooong time.

I didn't have almost any summer clothes, so tonight I started my quest for flattering clothes. It takes me forever to find anything because my middle is so wide then my sholders and hips and butt are fairly small...

I managed to find a few good starters especially for the trip but they're a bit on the nicer side and not really clothes I can wear to work without wrecking them (one thing I hate about my job).

My favourite item is a fitted vest, black. I'm going to pair it with a long white shirt or tank top. It looks really good with the skinny pants well shorts I have and super comfy!
I also bought a bathing suit! EEK! The hotel has a pool and it's going to be so hot in Rome, so I don't want to not have the option to swim if I feel like it. Sadly Ronny can't swim due to his skin condition (exzema) so I'll be doing that solo.
I bought 2 skirts, 1 a simple A line black one, super thin, cheap, and an army-esk one. Basic army green pencil. So those I can pair with a lot. And wear to work too.
Hmmmm I can't remember the rest at the moment. Nothing too important though. Maybe that was it. There's this cute plaid shirt I bought, but now that I wear it at home, it doesn't flatter so well, so I may return it or exchange or in store credit it.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to head to the better thrift store in town and hunt for some goodies, especially work goodies. Also, i am going to try to find these before I go away:


They're perfect for everything. Fancy enough if need be, not too sporty, good support. They're expensive but I will wear them a lot.

So yeah. First day, exhausted, but made some good progress without spending too too much.
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CIAO ROMA! [28 Jun 2009|11:08am]
Ronny and I have been talking about going on our belated honeymoon for a long time now, but hadn't committed to booking anything. I recently got my rather large tax money and he also received his vacation pay, so we had no more finacial excuses.

Yesterday we sat down and finally decided how much and where we were going to go. Rome had always been at the top of my list. I was inspired by the movie Vicki Cristina Barcelona and my London trip.
(I know it's not Spain but the music and the wine and dining from that movie inspired me and seeing such amazing sights in London definintely made me want to spend my next vacation doing the same. Where better than ROME!?)

I'd been doing some vacation research on average prices to go anywhere, even average beach holidays, even though that's not what we were looking for just so I had an idea of costs and not going way overboard.
Rome was always going to be a bit more expensive but it was still within our budget.

So yesterday, I scoured the internet, and ended up coming back to a travel site I almost always book with when I go home. I found a nice 4 star hotel for a decent price, a little outside of the city, but it has a shuttle service to the city centre and even to and from the airport. Plus if we are later getting back to the hotel in the night we can probably get a cab for 10 euros which is worth it if we're having a lot of fun.
The other good thing about this hotel is it got a ton of good reviews, mostly positive. Standards I've discovered in Europe are A LOT different from what an average NA traveller are used to. So for this hotel to have a pool, a room with a balcony, in room air conditioning, and a bathtub was like a huge deal and not the norm! WEEEEEE!


I've also been researching like crazy and have made a ton of notes on everything from ordering a coffee, how to save money, to tickets and tours.

I think I've managed to do some of the main touristy stuff for just a little over a hundred dollars plus bus and subway passes included for 6 days.

Here's some of the main things we're most likely going to see:

-The Vatican found a good tour for a little over $40 USD -St. Peter's Basilica, The Sistine Chapel, and Vatican Museams


-The Colosseum
-The Roman Forum
-The Pantheon
-The Spanish Steps (FREE and open all the time)
-Trevi Fountain (FREE and open all the time)
-Piazza Navona (FREE and open all the time)
-Catacombs (apparently there are a few, so not sure about which one yet...)

I have a longer list, but I don't want  to commit Ronny and I do doing too much and not having some unplanned fun.

So, there's a lot of my research. I haven't even begun with art yet! EEK! I also wan to learn a teeny bit of Italian just so I can be polite when I ask if they speak english etc ;P

So, as always, i get way to excited and into something and I research like CRAZY.

I found some really good youtube videos, and I also downloaded a good Decoding Angels and Demons video. So i've found a lot of helpful interesting facts from that. As well as tips for visiting Rome etc etc etc



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Sweat and stuff. [28 Jun 2009|10:37am]
Having  been here in awhile. Been a bit internet lazy and lazy in general.
It's been hot here. And work has sucked a lot. I'm actually really starting to hate my job. Things aren't the way they were but of course that's expected considering my boss is off for an undetermined amount of time, and Torbjørn is soon leaving (plus he's been on holiday for the last 2 weeks, leaving me basically in charge, fun)
After reading some of Lindsay's journals in the past few weeks about getting a job at a club it's started to really make me think I need to start looking for something new before I get sucked into that place forever.
That's a hard turn to make though. I don't want to be stuck at a daycare forever, but i'm making pretty decent money, work a M-F, 9-5 job. Can't really complain about that when my options aren't so open at this point in time (language etc...)
Bleh, meh, work, shmerk. I dunno. I don't even know what I'd want to do otherwise, especially something that I can actually earn a living from.
Like I said, it's been super hot here, not ontario hot, but 27 or so. Plus it's the first real summer weather we've been having and it takes some getting used to. I need to go on a major summer wardrobe overhall. I have almost nothing, and most of the things I do have make me feel yucky or are too tight or just not right.
So, I'm planning to start my Rome/Summer shopping spree tomorrow with a bit of Mia Tyler in mind as inspiration. It's kinda hard to walk around with confidence sometimes here in Norway because approx. 65% or more of the women around my age are really tall and naturally thin, blonde and bronzed. This isn't a look I find attractive but it's often hard to feel sexy and confident surrounded by viking goddess ha... Also, due to that target market it's hard to even find clothes that fit and flatter .
I'm going to give myself plenty of time to scour the stores and make some good wise choices for some main outfit pieces and then I get a bit more frivilous at the second hand shops and also the bargains such as spagetti straps etc.
I also  have a friend that owns a sex store that I haven't visited before, so I'm asking if she has any body shapers. That'll hopefully be a good starting point for me to feel a bit better about my totally annoying problem area waist.
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Random thinkings going on in my mind... [02 Jun 2009|07:04pm]
1. Body Image
2. Eating what I want (meaning this in a positive way)
3. Cancer, Death, Loss of loved ones.

1. Body Image / 2. Eating what I want.

Lindsay posted a really great note about body image. I'm going to start trying to look at myself in a more positive way. I'm sick of waiting or holding out on living until I get to a certain "happy" weight. I think that's a pile of bs that I've somehow come to live by now for a great many years. I hate that I have to resort to finger pointing, but sometimes it makes me feel better because I am definitely aware of some of things in my early life that caused me to head down a path of self destruction and loathing.
I'm sick of trying to eat "perfect" and try to keep that up until I literally do something destructive to myself because no normal human can live up to the standards I try to set for myself.
I'm also sick of waiting or holding out on doing certain things such as shopping for clothes for example, until I loose weight. I honestly hate shopping. I find it really traumatic. But, I am learning to do it better. I'm learning to "not go there" with certain styles of clothing because I know they're not flattering.
And about eating what I want. I've been trying to "eat clean" for like 2 years now. And I do really enjoy it. But, I don't want to be so hard on myself when I don't. If I feel like a fucking snack I'm going to eat a fucking snack (and by snack I mean a treat, a "BAD" food). I'd rather learn that I would like a couple of chips instead of holding out until I'm ready to kill someone and eat an entire bag to myself. Yeah, I've known this crap for a long time, I just didn't believe in it for myself.
I'm sick of living my life thinking that one day I'm going to be better. Fuck that.
I've always been awesome. Everything I've ever done in my pretty cool life I've done as a slightly overweight person. Is it really that important to change? Sure I have pictures that I don't find particularly flattering about myself over the years, but that hasn't crippled me then to stop living and having fun then, or now. So, why should I stress so much about my weight anymore for what I "could" be in the future? It's really just a waste of living in the now man.

3. I was going to also rant about cancer and death. I'm kind of not into venting that out right now. I think I've tackled enough issues about myself for the time being. Bottom line is: I'm fucking scared to death someone close to me is going to get sick and die.
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Writer's Block: Call Me [02 Jun 2009|07:01pm]
Do you still use a landline at home, or do you rely completely on your cell phone?
Definitely cannot rely solely on cell phone since I have to stay in touch with home in a cheaper way. The landline is only being used to keep in touch with home. All calls I make locally I use my cell for.

Wow that was super uninteresting...
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Supdate [19 May 2009|01:02pm]
Today was awesome!
We only had to work until noon today, and now I'm on strike! hehe just for this afternoon.
Passing through town, I went to my favourite mainstream bookstore and bought some new comfort books because I'm sadly all done the Twilight Series.

After that, heading to my second bus I passed a parfymeri and had to stop to test out my new perfume obsession that I smelled from a woman at my work. Holy crap, I never realized a scent can do so much! I'm obsessed with smelling myself! Maybe i've never worn the right perfume before, at least not a more sensual scent. I smell as sexy as a vampire!

I'm home now and about to have an awesome cup of norwegian coffee with which was a pleasant surprise because I thought we were out of milk! YAYAYAY!

So now I'm at home, relaxing...
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[19 May 2009|12:57pm]
These are my two new favourite smells:

I'm wearing both right now. Mmmmmmmmmmmm
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LA LA A [09 May 2009|10:11am]
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Moving? [05 May 2009|07:30pm]
This awesome apartment that Ronny and I have painted and decorated and love is probably going to be sold. FUCK.
So, we're perhaps looking into buying something. I'm sick of moving. Not the actual moving part, but the annoyances of landlords, rules, crap, houses being sold, dicks, piss, buttholes, nipples. Okay, not nipples.
I love this place! I love the view, the location, the layout. FUCK!
The only slight chance of anything cool coming out of this situation is that (and this is a huge long shot) we may look into buying it ourselves. It's probably not something that would happen. But we have to try.
There are 2 other flats in this house, so we'd make quite a bit in rent at least.
FUCK. I hate this. 
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[05 May 2009|12:03pm]

It's lunch break here at work. Ahhhh.

We've been having lots of weird weather these past few days. The weather report keeps calling for rain rain rain, so we dress a bunch of kids in rain clothes to go out and play in the rain, and nothing comes. Ugh.
So, we're basically just waiting for the rain to come here in Bergen. The waterfall behind my work has become nice and big again. So that's cool :) yeah.

In other news, not much.
Ronny and I have started a really bad ass game of Monopoly.

We're also trying to figure out where we're going to go on a little holiday over the summer. Probably somewhere in Italy or Spain. I want to have another vacation long weekend like London. That was so awesome. We didn't stop that whole time and I saw so much in just 4 days.  I'm kind of hoping for the same deal with where we decide to go. Madrid, or Rome maybe?
We basically just want to see cool sights and eat good dinners with lots of red wine and authentic music and culture and the spice of life all around us for a couple of days! I also had the idea that maybe we could do 2 days at a clean budget hotel and 2 days perhaps if the price is okay, at a really swanky place. Just to be pampered a bit! We'll see :D
If anyone has any suggestions of places even smaller cities, off the beaten path (i hate that phrase) let me know. Gotta start my location research soon!
AND, if that doesn't really work out, we may just pack our bags, book very very last minute, and jump on a plane the same day and go somewhere we weren't planning on heading if the prices of option A doesn't work out!
YAY! This will be our first trip, other than going home for a visit. It's a late honeymoon! Then when that holiday is over, we'll have like a week and a half off before going back to work again to just enjoy being in Bergen!

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Good bye coffee... You will be sorrily missed :( [27 Apr 2009|06:25pm]
Ugh I feel like crap!
Allergies, bloated, crampy, anxious.
I think I can't have coffee anymore. It just makes me feel all weird now. So it's not really that enjoyable. Maybe only when I meet friends and in small doses. It's just not good for me anymore.
And I think perhaps, once I have it in my system, it affects my stomach when I eat something else. Giving me bloating and all that other fun stuff that goes along with coffee and having that affect on me until it's out of my system.
So, that's sad, cause I like it. It's such a cozy beverage. 

I'm hoping I'll feel fine enough soon to exercise cause I definitely want to keep up with that spree.

I'm opening again tomorrow. YAY! It's so awesome to open once you get past the realization that you've left the house at 7 because being able to leave at 2.30 is awesome. Then I only have wed and thurs and we're all done for this week because it's labour day on friday!!!!!!!
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